Youth Hack for Girls #3

Posted by Claire M

23 January 2020

Your mission is to keep people safe in a digitally connected world.

We want you to create a different and interesting product or application that will make a real difference on public safety and connecting people.

You can use any mix of software or hardware, or combine existing services together in new and unique ways. We are interested in any ideas that can help people lead better, safer, more connected lives, as well as provide support for those who are vulnerable in society.

GCHQ is excited to see what ideas you can come up with, and we’ll be looking for the most unique and creative solutions that will make the biggest impact on people’s lives. We can’t wait to see how you can come together as a team to help to present the future of digital safety.

Careers at GCHQ


Each member of the winning team will receive a Cinema voucher for two with popcorn \o/