Youth Hack for Girls #3

Posted by Claire M

22 January 2020

Koderly deliver bespoke technology solutions. 

We’re a software and services company with a shared ethos at our core. We love what we do, but more importantly we love why we do it. 

Your challenge this weekend...

We’d like you to design, develop, test and document a text-based adventure game for us. It is up to you to decide what sort of text-based game you want to create! 

We'd like you to....


We want to see your passion for coding come to life! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing you all develop a project you’ve put your heart & soul into. 


Putting your current skills to the test is important, but we also want to see that you’ve learnt something new along the way too.


Most importantly – have fun! Youth Hack for Girls comes around once a year, so enjoy yourself! 


A £25 Amazon voucher for each member of the winning team \o/